Writing a Good Readme

Okay, so I am basically taking this boilerplate that incorporates Gulp, BrowserSync and Nodemon into an Express app that someone wrote a couple years ago and refactoring it for Gulp4. I’m starting to think that maybe this would be a good opportunity to practice writing a readme, but maybe this is just fine. Here are some of the improvements I’m thinking about:

  • Explain what Gulp, Browser-Sync and Nodemon are and why a developer would want to use them in their project.
  • List changes I made to the repo (the Gulp refactor was only one of them)
  • Include more instructions on how to use the app (for
  • List the dependencies and keywords
  • Include further instructions on how to use the app, such as where to find the configuration file.

What do you guys think? Or is this readme good enough?

These are the two items that are appropriate for the README. The explanations of gulp, browser-sync and so on are tutorial information that doesn’t need to be there, and dependencies should already be listed in your package.json file.

Changes you made can be summarized in a separate CHANGES file (summarized – if people want excruciating detail, they can always read the commit log).