Writing About Code

I’ve been learning to code for over two years. It’s a challenging endeavor and a worthwhile journey. I’ve met some amazing persons and experiences during that time. I’d like to share these stories with the FCC community.
I hope you find value in reading about my journey.

  • Working Remote
  • First World Budget. Third World Expenses
  • Finding Paid Work With No Experience
  • Can I Do This For FREE?
  • Paid To Learn To Code: Revature vs IntraEdge
  • Can I Do This Alone?
  • and more.

These are the topics I’ll cover in my first few blog posts. Please comment with topics/subjects that you’d like to learn about.

Don’t Be Good. Be Great. Be Grateful.


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Finding Paid work with No Experience

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I started a new career as a Developer Advocate with Dgraph by showing projects that I created. No formal job experience, but I made it happen.