Writing and publishing articles about coding

I’ve recently started to draft a few articles on JavaScript beginner and intermediate topics. I like writing, and because thorough research is a must, I also learn a lot in the process. Plus, writing-as-you-learn makes sure you’re closer to the topic than someone who grasped the concepts decades ago and now speaks from a completely different perspective.

First of all, the platform. I’m thinking of FFC (of course), then there’s also Medium and dev.to, or maybe even my own blog. Do I have to choose one, or can I just throw my articles everywhere? Would that be considered “bad practice”?
I wouldn’t mind making a few bucks, but as I don’t expect much income from it, it’s totally optional. The primary impulse is writing something of worth, not earning an extra coffee per month.

If someone of you has some experiences to share, I’m ccurious to hear your opinions.

Are you writing tutorial articles? Your own? Then why you would share them on community blogging sites? I would suggest you to start your own blog and then share them there.

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