Writing blazing fast HTML code with Emmet

Hi guys!

I always wanted to write some articles on technology or tutorials. And I just took the leap today and wrote my first article !

It would be great if you could take a moment to read it and tell me what you think :smile:

If you really like it, don’t hesitate to share it :sunny:


Thank you so much the great legendary dev, really appreciate it.

Going to read it with honor.

I also wrote one article about survey form challenge walkthrough after reviewed some survey form posts by people, so decided to state common issues and stuffs there might be great for devs like to start it.

Wish there was another tag about this contribute like moves like what you did.

Keep going on great dear Thomas, happy programming.

Thanks a lot for your feedback! I read your article and it’s a great one.
It must have taken some time to write :smile:

I had a good reading over your article, I would say, this is really great, and got some suggestion for you.

I really didn’t know it’s possible to code html like this using these extensions and libraries.

Some parts like ^^ operators are a little confusing, as you stated it well too, since when we put A after B, we should not state B is before A too, so + operator works very well here, with grouping.

This could be better you give some more examples for custom attribute section for instance, to how escape the string when it comes with string, or special chars, like:
img[src=http://domain.com/image with space.jpg]

I also suggest you mark the section are not common(hopefully only one ^^ for now) with a visual thing(like a pink colour beside the operator) to take user attention about not being common, or anything. r you could state it/tham as non common, but possible stuffs at the end under non common operator maybe.

At the end, thank you for this post, liked it. I say p>strong>em{Thanks}

Keep going on great work, happy programming.