Writing custom CSS while using Bulma?

First of all, hello all. I hope I am writing in a right section. I am working hard on my own portfolio page project. I decided to use Bulma CSS framework, because I liked it’s simplicity. I am using SASS and actually I can override a lot of styles of Bulma with my own styles.scss file. However, I am still a bit not sure if I am doing it right. For some things on a web page, I have to write extra CSS classes. Should I have a separate custom.css file or I can place my own styles inline styles.scss? I just put it the end of a file. After @import Bulma line. What about inline styles? I could leave Bulma pure with some legal modifications, but what is the best approach here? Thanks .

Dont do it inline, separate it in another .css file and import it like the normal way you import a css

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Hey. I changed so many things. I already finished it. http://edvinasurbasius.com You can see a final result.

I checked your website and it looks nice! Good job

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It still has some “tweaks”. I need to improve favicon and this:

    <!-- temporary hacks -->
    <section class="section has-text-centered" style="min-height: 71vh;">

Because footer cannot be at the bottom without this “hack”. The Bulma authors also addressed it, so people have to use “hacks” to fix it.

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