Writing into ghost text


I am not sure if this is possible, but is there a way, can you create the curriculum lessons where the parts that are given to us in the current lesson show up like a placeholder text and that we have to fill it in, but when we start typing the place holding text does not disappear? I think it would be a great help and practice that we write in the full code (especially if it’s something that we have already learned in a previous lesson). I believe, if we write out the entire code from start to finish it will help us learn some of the fundamentals that only come with repetition.

If that is something that can be done, can it also have a function that if the letter that they type does not equal the letter being replaced, that that letter will colored red so they can see the mistake. Noted that this will only be a help with the ghost text and not the challenge itself.

I’m guessing it’s either not possible or just not a good idea, lol, :sweat_smile: (or it could be that it was misunderstood :upside_down_face:)

That is not entirely impossible! But if you learn the skillsets of React you could probably implement that for FCC yourself!

Okay, right now I am starting on the React section, so it might take awhile, lol