Writing professional and clear html css codes

Hi im started to learning html css and my goal is being a junior web developer but the point is im curious about being professional.I want to write codes professional and clear.I mean i want to work and do my job at the peak level and i believe if i get used to it it will be very perfect.Is there anybody can gave me advice about being professional and doing good jobs?

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I think that that is all great to hear.

If I understand that you want to write clearly, then putting your code through validators to make sure there are no mistakes and through formatters to make sure they are formatted well - those are good things. Eventually if you are developing locally you can set up a linter and things like prettier to point out issues as you type.

Other than that, I think it’s just a matter of being aware of it. Just code and be conscious of what you are writing. Pay attention to others’ formatting and learn what you can.


thank you kevin i appreciate it very much

Also taking sometime to re-learning again from MDN tutorials it helped me a lot to improve my skills and write more clean and smart CSS:

Tutorials on CSS layout and Building blocks are worth to read no matter if you already know that things.

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