Writing transcripts for videos on Free Code Camp

Hello. I think video transcripts would enhance many aspects of Free Code Camp’s content. They can be used not only for subtitles, but to present information to people that’s otherwise inaccessible to them. I’m blind and use a screen reader, so a transcript that includes code and other visual content shown in a video could be the difference between understanding and incomprehension, or just being easier to follow. I think it would be beneficial to make DAISY books by combining a video with its transcript, making it accessible to a wide range of devices and software for the print disabled. We also may be able to offer these DAISY books to accessible libraries like Bookshare. Moreover, by making content available in more than one medium, it’s more likely that people can use and/or adapt it for their own needs. In order for me to write transcripts, I need guidance on how to format them to be visually intuitive, and suitable for automation. For example, what should the font size for transcripts be? Should any aspect of the font change to indicate specific information like code or key concepts about a topic? How much should paragraphs be indented? Are there any circumstances other than a change of topic or focus where I should start a new paragraph? Should I use timestamps? If so, what method should I use to get them? If someone made an example template in Markdown, I could use it as a frame of reference. In regards to automation, what is Free Code Camp’s process for accepting material like this? If I need to give more information about something, I’ll be happy to explain. Thank you!

I completely agree that transcripts would be beneficial to a wide variety of people. It looks like most of the videos FCC uses in the courses are hosted in YouTube. One method would be to export the closed captions from those videos and then fix them up for a proper transcript. I haven’t done this myself yet, but I will look into it a little more.

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Based on Free Code Camp’s most recent videos and all the videos on freeCodeCamp Español, it appears their videos don’t have captions. Can I contact people in charge of the channels? If not, who do I have to get in touch with? If there are captions, exported captions would be helpful.

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