Writing working code, vs writing good code

Today I learned that the pattern of using a fetch combined with throwing and caching errors inside a react application is an anti-pattern. This made me think, are there any resources on how to actually write good code to extend just writing working code? It is kind of hard to just cobble together something that would constitute good code without having a guide to look at.

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Uncle Bob’s “Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship” is a good start


I’ve found a lot of the “good” habits I’ve gotten into are due to learning Python to begin with… Python code will generally fail if it’s not formatted properly. I’d recommend having a go at that; I found the book “Learn Python The Hard Way” a really good introduction if you feel a need to understand how and why it is that certain code works as it does. It has made my progress on FCC much smoother!

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If you are looking for low level readability and relatively small adjustments in javascript you should try out linting your code according to the airbnb style.

There are plugins for eslint for all code editors I know and you can configure it to automatically use the airbnb settings.

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