Wrote an Android app. Would love any feedback (from Australians)

Ah - the reason feedback has to be from Australians is because I released it in open testing on Google Play only to Australia (where I’m from and live) for legal reasons. It’s an app to help owner-trainer assistance dog handlers manage the training of their assistance dogs, and since I’m not sure about the rules around assistance dogs in other countries, I kept it to Australia. I have required assistance dogs myself since I was 14, so wrote what I knew about!

It requires Android 11+. Please feel free to share with whoever you think might like it, there is an email for feedback on the Google Play page. It’s a free app, can’t connect to the internet so is very secure, and no data is collected (a link to the privacy policy is also on the Google Play page). It has been rated by IARC for ages 3+, so no nasty stuff.

I wrote it in Kotlin, it’s a native app.

Helping Paws App

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