Wrote an article on complexity based on the PBJ problem

Hi, I might be on the wrong topic but I wrote an article based on the PBJ problem and would love to submit it to Freecodecamp’s medium writers. If edits are need, I would be open to make them for clarification. Cheers!


You have typos and grammatical errors. Run it through a program to find them all. I am surprised Medium published it with the errors.

Also, I am confused about your ultimate object. Unless I a am missing something, you have already published the article on Medium,. Why do you want to submit it to Free Code Camp’s “medium writers”?

Thanks for the feedback! I published since did not know any other way to share as a sample link. Since I don’t have much following, I really don’t mind being published for the meantime.

The goal of the article is to show how algorithmic complexity can increase over time. I’ve tried to make it not to technical or use math so readers don’t consider it a lecture, but Tried to show how even a simple everyday task can also show a complex algorithm. Just like the PBJ sandwich problem.

About the grammatical errors, I was wondering what tool did you used to find them since I’m new to writing, I would be interested to find if there’s others tools being used other than word or Medium editor. Cheers!

I wanted to submit it to FCC writers since It would be an introduction to algorithmic thinking. I’m planning to start writing about more complex topics in the future and It would be great to have a second pair of experienced eyes on dev writing to see if I’m doing it in the correct way. I’m not expecting it to be published under FCC name, But feedback would be great :slight_smile:

I actually did not use a program. I am a native English speaker, so I recognize most spelling and grammatical errors when I see them.

My sister is an English teacher and she actually uses https://app.grammarly.com. They have a free account which will find the errors I found, plus probably more.

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Thanks Randell. Appreciate the help