Wrote my first tech blog!

Hello campers!

I finally published my first tech blog called Inline vs Inline-block vs Block at dev.to. (And hopefully on freecodecamp soon). https://dev.to/shimphillip/inline-vs-inline-block-vs-block-280h

It’s targeted for CSS beginners to help them understand different display properties in web layouts.

I will be posting articles regularly with useful content, so feel free to follow me @ https://dev.to/shimphillip.

Hope you enjoy, thanks!


Hi @shimphillip and congralutations for your first article!

I also write on DEV. It’s funny because my first article was about CSS too! I suppose we found CSS very challenging at first :thinking:

Very well written, keep it up!



Thanks! Appreciate the support. I am excited to be posting regularly! Look forward to read your articles as well :slight_smile:

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I am also writing a programming blog called AppDividend.

In that blog, I have covered stacks like Frontend (Angular, React), Backend (PHP, Laravel, Node), Python, React Native, Flutter etc.

I am writing the blog since last 3 years and still learning new technologies.