Wsl2 and docker causing windows to crash

Im running wsl2 setup on windows. Its been somewhat problematic from the get-go but after cloning rdb alpha repo and installing the dev containers extension its freezing often. I tried this advice vmmem consuming crazy ram it stopped the computer from freezing but the ubuntu terminal wouldnt load. I saw advice on some other forums but I wanted to ask here If anyones experienced similar and what they might have done to fix it. (Disk cleanup/created more space etc…)

The problem seems to be fixed upon restarting the machine and it works a short time(still slow) until it starts acting up again requring another computer restart.

The only container I have running atm is mongodb for working on the main repository. screen shots:


I believe you can create a .wslconfig in your user’s home directory and restrict the memory and CPU you want the WSL2 instance to use.

That way, the Host OS (Windows) will handle the resources and show a slightly slower but stable behavior.

See: Advanced settings configuration in WSL | Microsoft Learn

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