XAMPP server is not reloading

Hello guys .
I don’t know why XAMPP local server does not refresh when I make changes in my css files .
please any help.

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What do you mean by “it does not refresh”? XAMPP does not automatically refresh when you make changes to files. It only provides you with a local server environment. If you want to see changes in your browser, you have to refresh your browser yourself.

I did not express what I want correctely , the problem is when I refresh the page ,I don’t find the changes I made in css folder , I made sure that the css path is correct but still not know why this problem is there .

The view still as it is .

Have you emptied the cache while reloading (usually Ctrl+F5)?


Thank you I found that I have some issues in the xampp server , I am not back-end developer, a friend of mine gives me another local server to work with ,he said to me that it is symfony’s local server .

Xampp is an application which has tomcat and Apache servers. Each have their logs which you can check.
Most of the time …issue is with MySQL launch if you already have MySQL running on your machine.
Start and stop of severs is also on xampp console.

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check this link it work for me

You must clear your Cash.
Click F5+STRG

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Please use Ctrl + F5 to refresh cache then You can see Your updated CSS

Go to your php.ini file and update the following settings:


This disables the cache and revalidation frequency to 0 secs