XML HTTP Request Error

Hi everyone!
I am getting a new error in the Twitch project. My https requests (for example , Request to https://wind-bow.gomix.me/twitch-api/users/freecodecamp) are blocked due to CORS policy. This is a new problem. It’s strange because the request is done to a HTTPS source. Any idea? Here’s an image.

Pen: http://codepen.io/bencarp/full/WpbEoj/

Maybe I missed it, but I don’t see your Client-ID included

As far as I understand there is no need for a client ID.

It’s saying you can’t mix http:// and https:// look at the urls in the errors.

neither mixing http and https nor client-id is a problem.
Seems like the API server changed url and redirecting the old url to new url. So, just use the new url.
This, probably, happens because cors redirection isn’t allowed, yet.

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This solved the problem. THANKS !