Yamaha Product Landing Page - Feedback

Hello Free Code Camp Community,
I’ve just completed my product landing page. Please check it out and give me some feedback.


Looks pretty good.

  1. The notification-heading is hard to read, pick a different color.

  2. The images in the product-card are getting squished because of the fixed height, adding object-fit: cover; might help.

  3. I would give the nav links some more vertical spacing when they stack. I’d also give the link some padding to make the click area larger. The text size is also pretty small so I might increase it a bit.

  4. I might wrap the logo in a link that links to the page.

  5. It feels a bit odd that the Register link takes you back to the top of the page but is the last link on the right.

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Register menu and the logo both will take you to the top section of the page, you need to create register form section for the register menu. Otherwise looks great.

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