Yellowcard Tribute Page - Feedback Wanted!

Hi everyone!

I just finished my first project for Responsive Web Design and would be really happy to receive some feedback :slight_smile:

Here’s the link to it:

I would also really appreciate if you could answer some of my questions:

  1. Do you really have to set a fixed width in px for the img tag along with the max-width in %? That was the only way it passed the tests. Seems a bit redundant.
  2. I had to zero out margin for figure tag so that the image would actually take up 100% of the container, otherwise there would be side margins of 40px. Shouldn’t it have inherited margin: 0; from the #main?
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I thought so too. As of your second question. Depending on the feedback, Is it alright if I apply this code to my own project?
Your page is great, well formated, and translates well to mobile. Good Job!

Thank you! Sure, you can use the code if you want, though I’m pretty sure some things could be done more efficiently