Yesterday was the most active day in the forum's history

Hey everyone,

It looks like Monday, October 22nd was the biggest day in forum history in terms of pageviews.


I want to thank our entire moderator team for their tireless efforts to make this community as supportive as possible.

You have probably encountered these moderators at some point. You can usually If you see someone with a moderator badge in their profile photo, like in this photo:

These are friendly human beings from around the world. They are volunteering their time to help people here because they care about freeCodeCamp’s mission to help more people learn to code, and because they care about you succeeding.

If they are helpful for you when you interact with them, I encourage you to thank them for their support. And if you want to follow their example and become a moderator yourself, here’s our moderator handbook.

We are selective, but if you’ve spent a lot of time here on the forum and are at least trust level 3, I would be very interested in talking with you about this.

Have a fun, productive week.


I want to give out a “thanks” to the community as a whole. The updates brought some short-term, but vexing, bugs and style changes can be hard for some people. On the whole, everyone was very patient, understanding, and kind this past week.


And a massive thank you to @raisedadead, who is fighting fires with his right hand while keeping the forum updated with his left!mrugesh


Always a pleasure @JacksonBates. Thanks for everything you all and the moderator team does.

Please do tag me on threads that could use the attention of the dev team.

Cheers and happy contributing. :slight_smile:

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