Yet Another Feedback Thread for the Portfolio(?) Site

Hello everyone! :grin:

I would like to get some feedback about this… portfolio site. :man_shrugging:
(Yes, it’s another portfolio… but it’s (somewhat) different this time. Also not my final portfolio.)
Most of the stuff there is not final and only there for testing.
For example, the stuff in ‘Information’ section are just there so that I can easily see what I have done.

Here is the website you’ll review.

There are still some things I want to improve/add (or both) like animations, transitions, JavaScript stuff to make it interactive, etc. So I’ll probably just link the same site each time this kind of thread is coming every now and then :sweat: (except for exceptions…).

Any feedback is appreciated whether be it on code, content, typography, or design (anything really, esp. design)!

Keep coding stuff! Cheers! :grin:

Edit: Forgot why I said it is some kind of self-challenge, well simply because it is a site I’ll maintain for a year. Yes, I know, it’s simple and seems pointless but it is good enough for me and the ‘self-challenge’ part (for me, anyway) is adding stuff with the things I’ll learn in the future.

Edit2: I’m just going to take the opportunity to say how do you get those Codepen into an iframe (if I said it right)? just some example