Yet another product landing page


I finished my product landing page. It would be great to hear some feedback.

Good looking page! I would,

make lists in your courses section more readable. Try giving them space from description texts above and make them bigger.
Your footer looks slanted towards the left. I would center it in the middle.


It looks good. All your content have to be in the body tag, but your footer is outside .
Also <ul class="center absolute">Design by Feo 2018</ul> - here you can use ‘p’ tag.
Anyway great job :smiley:

Thanks, I made some alterations to the lists to make them a tad more noticable. I didn’t notice my footer was off to the left, apparently I have some mysterious overflow when my footer is combined on my page with some card class sections (while stand-alone or alone with several individual sections its fine:thinking:). I wasn’t able to figure this out so I just repositioned it a bit more to the center.