Yet another random quote machine

Hi guys,

Check out my random quote machine:

There are still some CSS kinks to iron out, but on the whole I kinda like the way it turned out.
Any ideas for improvement are very welcome.

The effects are nice :thumbsup:

There’s the occasional alert popup popping up, and I hit one saying “undefined” and the card is blank and it won’t let me get a new quote.

Ooooops, that’s some extra code I used for testing purposes that I completely forgot to take out :slight_smile:
Thank you for letting me know!

Wow. Excellent work! I like the notes’ background pattern and how they stack up on each other. Something new and unique.

I have a suggestion. Try making the notes dismissable like Bootstrap’s dismissible alert or draggable like jQuery UI’s draggable (or both) so the end-users can dismiss the notes that they don’t like and arrange them however they like by dragging them on the viewport.

Great suggestion!

I’m currently working on my weather app, but I will definitely also look into making the quote cards dismissible or draggable or both :slight_smile: