Yet another Relational Database (Beta) Certification without the checkmark after completion issue

Hi, I completed the ‘Learn Relational Databases by Building a Mario Database’ course, but after 24 hours there’s still no checkmark there. I know, I tried the steps here, but still no checkmark.

These are the steps that I’m doing (with pictures):

Then, I land here:

I did the step outlined here about the token, no juice. Nope, nada. Any help would be nice.

The title says, “Yet another… without the checkmark” - So, you had the same problem with the boilerplate project or what @wannacode? If so, were you able to get that checkmark ever?

When you click the playground button - here’s a link directly to it - does it show your projects there? it should have a list of the projects you have started.

Yea, you should not be landing there - I’m not sure why that’s happening. Is there anything in the console or network tab? maybe some errors or blocked/failed requests?

I finished the ‘Build a Mario Database’ project, but I still don’t have the checkmark. The ’ Learn Bash by Building a Boilerplate’ which I also completed has the checkmark.

So I went to the playground, it shows:

I click ‘Run code’ . It shows ‘Loading remote environment’ for a second and then it drops me back into the playground. It doesn’t show ‘Stopping remote environment’ anymore.

Okay, so I looked at the console and I see this:

Then, the network tab: (seems uneventful, forgive my inexperience)

So the console, at the bottom says, “User cannot start a project once it has been evaluated.” Thing is, I don’t have a checkmark, so is evaluation completed?
If I click ‘Run code’ again in the playground, nothing happens anymore.
Only thing I haven’t done is to delete the project (still hoping for a fix). I did start the ‘Celestial bodies…’ project as it was mentioned in the troubleshooting steps here. It did not fix anything. I have deleted that one and am on pause mode for the meantime for the Relational Database Certification part.

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