Yet Another Tribute Page presented for feedback

Hi all! I’ve been at the FCC thing for a little while, on a very part-time basis, but recently finished up my tribute page challenge. I used Bootstrap classes with some customization to create a tribute to one of my favorite musicians, Roddy Frame.

Here it is.

Any and all comments/recommendations/criticisms are welcome - thanks!

Hi @anthom!

Good stuff! The page looks great mostly, especially in desktop mode. When it narrows down below the col-md breakpoint, it starts to look a little odd, especially the albums section. There’s a lot of padding all of a sudden (probably because you’re using percentages, which tend to get whacky when two columns collapse into one), and the two images have different sizes (I guess the originals are different sizes too?).

The code itself looks great. I think Code Pen would prefer you only put the stuff between the <body>...</body> tags in the HTML section. In the Settings tab there’s a place you can put you <head> elements. I don’t know what difference this actually makes though—the page still seems to work they way you’ve done it :grin:

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Thanks! I’m still getting used to some of the Bootstrap grid functions, but have been playing around with it to make things look a little less weird when resizing lower than the col-md breakpoint. Also, good point about including the <head> code in Codepen options instead of the editor. Codepen doesn’t seem to have a problem with it as is, but you never know what quirks might show up…