Yet another tribute page requesting feedback

Some feedback would be greatly appreciated. I feel like im doing it wrong.

Its ok. Just need to ad a link to an external wikipedia(or other resource) page where user can read more about George Jones

Yeah, I saw that right after i submitted it. I will have to go back and fix it but, other than that the code looks halfway decent?

looks good man. But may be wanna add some paddings to the <li>points for a good line height between the lines so that it doesn’t look compressed. :slight_smile:

Thank you, that’s a great idea.

Made the changes you guys suggested.

Looking good. Following the formatting of the example is fine, though you can style the page as you wish :slight_smile: Not that I would blame you if you left it as it is and pushed on to the next project!

The wording of your link is a little strange:

For more information on George Jones Here is a link to the Wikipedia page.

I would go with something like:

For more information on George Jones, visit Wikipedia.
(where the word Wikipedia is the link.)


For more information on George Jones, click here to visit his Wikipedia page.
(where the words click here are the link.)

Thank you for the input! You are right that wording is definitely weird. I misunderstood the project. I thought
we were supposed to try and get close to the example page without looking at the code until I saw other peoples pages on the forum.

Well you probably learnt some stuff by trying to accurately replicate the example page!