Yet another Tribute Page - Tomasz Baginski

Hey guys, I just finish my first from the camp projects:
Here it is
I will be very grateful for the opinions about design, better don’t read code, it’s pretty garbage :wink: It’s something i will try to improve in future.

It looks good. The design is simple but it makes everything clear to look at. The “director” at the top of the page ends up blurring with the black background. You have a lot of paragraphs. I think it would be a good idea to add a margin to all of your paragraphs to space them out a bit.

Those are all of my criticisms though. I like the fact that you added in the photos of his works at the bottom. Nice work!

Looks nice :thumbsup:

But don’t use <font>.
Instead of separating paragraphs with <br>, separate them in their own <p> tags.

On codepen, you can put the <link> tags in the HTML settings. Also, add target="_blank" to the <a> tags so links open in a new window. Codepen’s not very friendly with opening links in the preview window, and sometimes you only get a blank page.

Thanks, I don’t really know what does the do there, it’s part of some project phase and I just forgot to remove this, also I don’t even think about frame problem on Codepen :slight_smile:
It’s nice to have someone to corrects some beginner mistakes, thanks once more.