Yet another Tribute Page!


I have just finished my first project, the Tribute Page. I decided to host the page on my own domain as I’m very familiar with web hosting etc.

If any of you would be willing to provide feedback please find my page here:

You can also see the GitHub location here:

Many thanks.


Anyone? Much appreciated, thanks.

Well-done on completing your first project!! And the personal domain real gives you the professional touch :):grinning:. Okay review time:
Responsiveness: 99% it works greatly on my phone just revisit the header the paragraphs are overlapping there. It won’t take long to visit, after all your hard word you don’t want to have that small issue making people question your efforts.

Spacing: the spacing in-between the paragraphs in the body are pretty none existent, it makes it uncomfortable to read tru to consider adding them for better user experience.

Aside from that well-done! Keep on pushing and remember to revisit the site at a later stage to jazz it up with your new skills🌸

Thanks! What size of screen are you using in regards to the header? And I’m seeing spaces between the paragraphs, do you know why you’d not be seeing those?

I’ve just figured out the header issue - I was using my screen width of 375 forgetting about 320 of smaller mobile devices…

The screen size is 5.5" , and the spacing was in regards to your timeline, it is not a major thing for some people but making it “easier on the eyes” helps because people have short attention spans especially when they are reading online, or skimming through your site, they want to soak up information with minimum effort ( sorry for not being specific before)

Uploading: Screenshot_20190919-175326.png…
so the overlapping looks like that

Hope that was helpful in some way
(If there are typos please forgive me, it’s currently 1am :sweat: brain kind of mushy)

Cool! When you update I can check it out again