Yoo hooo Simple Documentation on Javascript!

I have completed my first version of the documentation. I would love to receive the feedback on it.
Here is the link of the project https://codepen.io/sunakshi96/full/PVzpMX

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Very nice look, clean, smooth transitions, I like it!

Biggest suggestion might be, when you are on a narrow screen and click on a link to further down the body, it might be useful to include a link “back to top.” it could be something that would be hidden from laptop/desktop (anything that gets the two-column look), but with the @media queries, you could easily handle something like that.

Not a big issue, purely a minor functional consideration.

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Really appreciate the feedback. From users’ perspective Bottom to top button is a must to have in any webpage.
I have made the changes you suggested. Thanks a ton!

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