You can POST to /api/users/:_id/exercises with form data

Hi, I am busy with the Backend Certification and got stuck on the exercise tracker project. I am failing the “POST to /api/users/:_id/exercises with with form data” and I have no idea why. I checked out other peoples problems and solutions to this specific project but none are applicable or work for me.

I am not using a database as I don’t think it is necessary for this project and it does not explicity require a database in any of the mentioned tests.

here is my project link:

Any help or guidance will be appreciated thank you :relaxed:

I am facing similar problem with one of my projects. Were you able to solve the problem ?

How exactly are you storing data then?

But most importantly, I see you are using Mongoose, but how could you without connecting it to a mongoDB instance? It will throw errors, and in fact it does:

UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: querySrv ENOTFOUND _mongodb.<more stuff>