You cannot get bad reviews if there is no option for them

My Survey Page

I am really fond of the colours although my girlfriend said “Yeah, they’re wonderful” in a highly sarcastic tone.
I wouldn’t open the link on a mobile.

I am new.

Yeah, they’re wonderful.
JK, they do look very nice and well structured.
However, if you could only just make the text skip to the next line… instead of popping out of the page.
GJ man

Many a thanks person with letter instead of a full name :slight_smile:
Are you saying about the text-boxes or the page text?

I don’t think Dan’s customers will be very pleased with hearing that, you should make it responsive, make Dan’s customers happy.

One hint i will give you is that using absolutely positioned elements takes them out of the normal document flow, which means they won’t respect the size of their parent container. I would suggest looking into using a different layout technique.

Not gonna lie, I’m not crazy about the colors. Maybe try using a color generator site and look for some cool palettes.

Haha, that is so funny. I used the same background color on mine(for reference). Although my main section has yellow.

The reason she is saying that is because their is no contrast. You loose all depth and separation when the same color is used everywhere.

use media query’s to change the margins of the survey to bigger widths on smaller screens.

Align all the questions and content to the left of the container they are in (instead of center).

For the personal Info. section i would suggest aligning the content to the left and then making the input text boxes 100% width.