You need an a element that links to this http://freecatphotoapp.comi

Hi. I can’t get past this. I tried all the help, google, and the forum.

I’m stuck at:

You need an a element that links to


cat photos

Welcome to the forums @coder1111. If you’re having a problem with one of the lessons you should click on the ‘Get Help’ button within the lesson. This will open a topic in the correct forum with a link to the lesson, the code you’ve input, your browser info and a place for you to type in any additional information.
With the short blurb you’ve posted here there’s not enough info for use to help you.

Thank you Roma. I watched the video again and didn’t realize I needed to replace the code I had already put in vs. making a new line. That probably doesn’t make sense but what you said helped me go back to the video and figure it out. Thanks!

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Just an aside on using the forums @coder1111, if you click on the Reply where the persons text is versus the Reply button at the bottom of the page they’ll get notified. Also, if you mention their username with an ‘@’ sign in front of it they’ll get a notification too.

Glad you were able to continue. Happy coding!

Thank you for that info!

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