Your comments on the contents overview of this JavaScript course?

I’m considering taking JavaScript development courses and would like opinions on whether the contents are ample and complete.

I already know some programming and have done lots on Windows and Atmel AVR with Assembly, C, C++, Java, Lua and Python. I have experimented a little with HTML but wouldn’t say I’m experienced.

Apart from JavaScript(ECMAScript6) in general we will go through:
EMber.js + Angular.js + ReactJS
jQuery Mobile
jQuery + jQuery UI
Ajax + DOM + JSON
A little bit of CSS and HTML

Currently I don’t have much experience with JavaScript at all. Is there something basic that the course is lacking and do you have any other comments?
Finally, does JavaScript support external libraries, locally and remotely?

Apart from pointers, JS doesn’t differ so much from C and C++. Aldo as far i know Java doesn’t have pointers, so there’s that. Thus being said, you list cover all major js frameworks. Even Node.js which is kind a server-side as far as i know. Concerning Typescript, also as far as i know it was used in tandem with ASP.NET. But considering you gt Node.JS which i just browsed little bit, it server-side. Maybe if it can be used with that? Also, Typescript is MS view on JS, i.e javascript for Visual studio, that why i mentioned asp. Long story-short, it looks as well rounded course. I wish i had this, when i was in school …