Your rate as a freelancer?

Hi everyone !

For those who already started, and in order to help those who haven’t,
how much do you charge for your work (depending on the work) ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey that’s a really good question and a super hard one to ask at that.

However, you definitely want to be rewarded for your work, developing websites and web apps is hard work!

I started on upwork at around $20 per hour, mainly because I wanted to stay competitive against a lot of the Asian and Eastern European devs who had very low rates. But after a few good jobs, I quickly realised I could charge more purely based on the fact that I had the advantage of being an English native speaker.

I quickly worked my way up from $20 per hour to $50 per hour (USD) and the main reason why was because I targeted clients who were looking for Australians or English native speakers. I would literally search ‘Australia’ as a keyword in Upwork lol…

So my best advice is to find your niche and really sell that. If you are bilingual then that would open up even more doors! If you can do marketing and copywriting and development, then you’ve got an even better chance at securing clients.

Just start small, even for free if you have to, but honestly you will quickly find that once your foot is in the door, then the jobs will just start rolling in.

I would say if you are a total newbie, then $20/hr is fine and just work your way up slowly from there.

Oh and I just stumbled upon this too – although it’s not super detailed, it may well be true.


Thank you for your answer !
I didn’t know, great to have an idea of the rates.

So the secret is to target clients in a specific niche, thanks for the tip :wink: