Your review kindly requested: Ada Lovelace Tribute project

Feeling a bit apprehensive about asking for a review but if you have a minute and can take a look at my FCC Tribute page, I would appreciate hearing from you!

Thanks in advance.

ps. I’ve made a 2nd draft with the changes suggested by @alhazen1 here:

(I kept the first draft as is because I submitted it to FCC already). The 2nd version doesn’t pass the centering unit test because I found that I had to shift the image to the left to accommodate the dimensions once the picture is made into an oval (when the picture is not oval, it actually sits centered at any screen dimension, but something about the border-radius 50% setting makes it shift in position slightly to the right and that becomes more obvious with smaller screens).


Wow! That is really good.

I think the 1800’s period aesthetic really made this page. The oval portrait (nice trick), the wallpaper background , choice of fonts really came together. Nice not to see yet another grey background tribute with some words on it.

Technically it responded well to resizing - always legible, always laid out nicely. No weird zones where it wasn’t quite perfect at some odd screen sizes.

I can’t do a review without finding something now can I? I noticed at smartphone sizes it is apparent that the portrait is not perfectly centered and touches the right side of the screen edge. I think at that screen size your image outsizes a containing div. I see that you have some negative margin on that pic ( to compensate for border maybe?) that might be part of the equation also. Don’t hold me to this but I’m thinking that applying a style box-sizing: border-box; on that image will fix that.

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@alhazen1 Thanks so much for your kind comments! I need to test this out on a phone and improve it certainly! I appreciate your taking the time to provide encouragement and feedback!