Your thoughts about my site

Look at this!
I think it’s my best work. What do you think about it?
Notice any mistakes if you found it. Mark it please since 1 to 10. I am really want to hear your mean about this.
With Glasscorn, from love =D


Can you link to the project.

Wow! that really is a great work of yours!
I’d say that it’s a little too many images. leave only one row at a time maybe.
If you still want to keep all of them, have a little button that says something like ‘show our work’ that will show all of them when clicked on.

I really like the new design of the landing page you did. great job.

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It looks really good but I agree with @ConnerOw1115 there is a lot of images but he has a good point on how to handle that. I would probably change the font-family to something that goes with the style of the page, I’m sure Google fonts has something that will stand out.


I did not can just imagine that my projects can be liked for anyone. YOU HAVE BEEN MAKING ME HAPPY!
P.s. Do you want to become my friend?

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Good job. The page is very close to the PSD template. You may want to think about how to make it responsive as well. I know the template doesn’t give you any hint as to how it should look but that just gives you some creative freedom.

The template is using Open Sans and you have it in the CSS but it doesn’t look like you have linked to it.

BTW, you have typos for the contact links (contact not conctact) and for the qoute-box-text-wrapper class (quote not qoute).

Again great job.