You're developer - what would you like?

Lets say there’s a job post to maintain and add features to a bespoke, modern, e-commerce platform with support for web, iOS and android.

  1. What things would you like to see that makes you comfortable and happy?
  2. What technologies would you like to see being used for each part (front end, backend, database etc)?
  3. How would you like it structured? (vague question but feel free to answer)

I will outline a few obvious areas just to start off:

  • Good documentation
  • Effortless to download a local copy and run it locally (downloading via git/bitbucket etc)
  • It is modularised so that you can tap into API + the API is well documented
  • Code is commented throughout
  • Existing code is clean, consistent and efficient so low number of lines of code

Thanks a lot.

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