Youtube Subtitles

Why there are no subtitles in the FreeCodeCamp youtube videos. There are many people who don’t understand the accent of english clearly where Subtitles makes it easy for them. I request to add subtitles to the videos it will be very kind of you.

Thank You so much

Hello there,

The freeCodeCamp staff are a relatively small team. So, features and requests like this require community contribution.

Last I checked, the freeCodeCamp YouTube channel was open, and allowed anyone to add subtitles to the videos. So, if you are able and willing, I highly recommend you to take a look at that.

EDIT: See below reply :frowning_face:

Here are some other ways you can contribute to freeCodeCamp: Contribution Guidelines |

the automatic subtitles are not available for longer videos, most videos in fcc are longer than that.

And unfortunately youtube has removed community contributions since September:


I’m really upset by YouTube’s decisioin to stop supporting community contributions for subtitles. I can’t believe they haven’t walked that back.