Youtube Videos not showing up in codepen

For some reason any youtube video that i add to code pen doesn’t show up, theres simply just a white border with no actual video inside of it. I have searched everywhere and i cant seem to find an answer to this problem, its as if im experiencing something that nobody else has encountered…

Heres a link to my codepen. The video is supposed to be on the right side.

Any response will be appreciated, thank you so much.

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You have to change the src to “” to enable embedding.

(If you look in the Dev Tool you’ll see the “error X-frame options to same origin” )

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You wrote an extra double quote

Also you forgot the quotes around your img src.

(and I put one too many @Oxyrus :slight_smile:)

Thanks, how do i learn to embed videos so that i’m able to do it on my own next time?

Damn, I’m really silly, I wanted to give you the link and instead I embedded the video…

All you have to change is after: + “embed/reference of your video” (so here it is embed/ PRTrXXTgKLg).

Thanks man, helped alot!

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