Youtube VueJS + express project

Hello everybody, i’ve started this project in youtube [] and im stuck, in the minute 20 of the video we have to install some packages via npm one of those packages is nodemon, after installed it we need to run a command in our cmd and we should get a message back, im stuck in this part, i install nodemon i type npm start and dont get the message back from the app.js file ive created the file and setted up the config in the package.json file but when i run the command i get an error that the path of nodemon do not exist i dont know how to fix this, if anyone have solved this error and can give me a hand i would be very gratefull. cheers from argentina

Hey, can you please give more info on your operating system, node version, package.json dependency versions etc? That would help us to all diagnose the problem.

hello, my OS is win7, node version is 8.11.1 and package.json dependecies versions are eslint: 4.19.1 and nodemon: 1.17.3