Howdy Friends!

Just kicking off my self-guided education experience this week. I have some background in building commercial websites, but html5 and css3 represent the bulk of my knowledge, though I have dabbled in creating php pages on Wordpress, and as well as working with some server-side systems.

Most of my life though has been spent as a craftsperson, building with wood from furniture to whole houses! I also am the father of an adorable baby boy who will soon be 16 months old.

I am now devoting all of my hours not spent within the logistics of family-life to this career change from building structures in the 3D world to constructing fully in virtual space.! That will represent about 25 hours per week, with a goal of obtaining employment in this field after six months.

I am open to any feedback, critique, or suggestions. For instance, is six months to employment a realistic goal at 25 hours per week?

Looking forward to connecting with community…