Ask questions and share tips for JavaScript, jQuery, React, Node, D3 - anything that touches the vast JavaScript and npm ecosystem.


Ask about anything related to HTML and CSS, including web design tools like Sass and Bootstrap.

Project Feedback

Get feedback on projects you’ve built. Be sure to use a descriptive title.


Ask questions about anything technology-related. When someone helps you, be sure to mark their response as the solution to your question.

Getting a Developer Job

Discuss the process of getting a developer job, including preparing, networking, and interviewing. And share your success stories here.


Report any problems you’re having with here, and we’ll try and fix them.


Write reviews for anything technology related: programming books, online courses, productivity tools, even hardware. You can give something 1 to 5 stars. Then other campers can reply with their own ratings. The thread will show the average rating.

Data Science

Discuss data science, machine learning, statistics, and anything related to working with data.


Ask questions about databases - from MySQL to MongoDB to Firebase to Neo4j - and everything in between.


This is the place to discuss improvements to freeCodeCamp and the greater community.


Ask questions and share tips related to Python and any tools in the Python ecosystem.


Discuss Git and related tools, and ask all those tricky Git questions here.


You can discuss all variants of Linux here. Feel free to ask questions about Linux-related tools like Bash, and servers in general.


This is our deprecated guide. Check out instead.


Articles, videos, and podcasts from around the internet worth absorbing and discussing.