April 2018 fCC Cohort - JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures

Hi, I would love to be involved in this cohort. Can you please add me to the list as well @camper?

Thank you so much!

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Please add me to the list.

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Please add me to the cohort Apr 2018!

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Please add me to the list.

Please add me to the cohort, thank you.

Please ignore my previous comment. I think I have burned out for the day. Just found the schedule. Time to rest up!

I can’t wait!

Thank you,

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Please add me to the cohort.Thank you so much .

I’d like to join the cohort as well. Thanks! RHoneyman87

I’d like to join! Please add me.

Thanks very much @camper alot :ok_hand:for this great work i hope we all work together and every one benfit of it.

hi guys., Is discussions happening on topics ?

The topic is in the first post. :slight_smile:

hi! I’d like to join this cohort. Thanks!

I’d like to join! Thanks.

yes i’d like to join

Fashionably late to the party! I would like to join this, please!

I wasnt able to edit the first post! can you add my name please! :grinning:

Just opted in. After a long time I have come back again :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Gigahood…Please add me to the cohort

The new topic has been created:

I included all of the resource links from the previous cohort topic since I think many of them (with the possible exception of the regular expression links) will likely apply to these sections as well. :sunny:

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