Basic Algorithm Scripting - General concern

Hello everyone,
I’m having kind of the same issue described in other topics:

When I entered this section, I was under the impression that I would be guided through the process of building the algorithms to solve the challenges (like in previous challenges) but in fact I am just given the problem expecting to solve it on my own.

This particular challenge I have no clue how to solve it and I have the question what is being expected from me at this point:

  • Look for the solution on FCC help section?
  • Google the way to solve it?
  • Break my head until I can come up with a solution?

I’ve seen some other of the headings following this challenge and I know for sure I will not be able to solve them.

This is the second time I go over the previous sections of this certification and I’ve performed better than the first time (except for the regular expressions section, that one still got me hahaha).

Any help, advise?

I think it is expected for you to ask for help here if you are truly stuck.
(that’s the point of the forum)

What do you believe is the hurdle preventing you from solving the challenge you are currently on for eg? Is it that you cannot understand what you are being asked to do or you can’t break down the process to solve into small steps for eg that you can code?

No! Reading and writing code are different skills! Save the reading for after you have finished writing!

Ehh, I would Google specific small parts, not the whole thing. That puts you in the same problem as above.

Sorta. Break your head for a whilo, then cme ask questions if you are stuck. That’s what professional programmers do all the time!

Hi, @Hensahi.

Any help, advise?


  • Learn how to use a debugger[0]:
    Most of the problems with JS come from an incomplete or insufficient understanding of how the code is executed. Any debugger works, Python tutor[1] is a good option (it has some limitations).

  • Use MDN:
    There is a lot of information and examples:

  • Think above the code[2]:
    Writing code is an awkward way to explain anything … so it is a good idea (before start writing code) to analyze the problem and try to get a solution using other tools (pen and paper is useful most of the time).

  • Use heuristics:
    I think that most of the time programmers use an heuristic[3] approach to problem solving.

  • Memory is really important:
    Programming most of the time is not about being “smart”, but about having solved a similar problem.

Cheers and happy coding :slight_smile:


[0] John Carmack:

[1] Python tutor examples:

This video is a step-by-step explanation/solution (using Python tutor) of the lesson “replace loops using recursion”

[2] Leslie Lamport:

[3] I have wrote about heuristics before
Good ways of learning algorithms? Your advices? - #11 by Diego_Perez

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Thanks for all these valuable advises guys.

If this can help anyone, at the moment I opened this topic yesterday I was heading to the 3rd or 4th challenge of the section and there were three of the received (and read) advises that help me the most:

-Make sure you understand the problem (the expected output).
-Break the problem into smaller pieces and solve them one by one.
-Google just the parts of the problem that you don’t know how to solve, not the entire solution.

Thanks God today i’m heading to the challenge No. 11 and that is a HUGE improvement for me because yesterday, when I was looking at the list of challenges I thought: How am I gonna solve all these??

Thank you everyone for all the support

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