Basic JavaScript - Record Collection

Is the name of the albumTitle, artists and tracks

Is the albumTitle, artists and tracks

Is the numbers e.g 2548

use console.log so you see if you are right

'records[id][prop]': records[id][prop],
'records[id]': records[id],
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records[id][prop] is undefined.
records[id] is the album title which consist of the name.
records is the number which consists of the albumTitle. etc which consists of the name

No. Were you able to log this out? Understanding the types of all these variables is critical for this challenge (and all complex coding tasks).


Sure, for specific values of id and prop, but what does that syntax provide you access to?

it’s an object

no, it’s also an object

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The object of prop ?

The object of the property id ?

The object of records ?

Did you log it out?

Guessing will probably not give you the correct answer.


Not sure what you mean by this, but it may be right?

No. I’m not sure what this means, but this won’t be an object.

Sorry I don’t understand the meaning of " Did you log it out?". Do you mean did I find it out ?
I just went back to the lessons and I think I get it a little better.

Is an Object because records is recordCollection which is the name of our variable.

Is our property.

Should be the value.

Also sorry if I’m stressing you

Alright thank you very much

You aren’t “stressing me”. Not answering a question that’s been asked a few times just leaves me with an incomplete understanding of what you know.

Did you use console.log() to look at the values of those quantities? You can put those console.log() statements inside of your function, before any of your logic.

I don’t know what you mean by this.

Alright I’ll do that.

I meant property of the object

Everything with the syntax object[property] is a property of an object. But what type of thing is the value associated with that property?