Cannot get past adding Peach exercise

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Inserting Peach’s data into more_info does not give me the continue button to move on to the next lesson.

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insert into more_info(birthday, height, weight, character_id) values('1985-10-18', 173, 52.2, 3);

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Firefox 98.0.2 (64-bit)

Challenge: Build a Mario Database

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I reset the CodeRoad tutorial under Settings → Reset Tutorial.

When I do the first lesson, it doesn’t give me the blue Continue button. It just sits there. Also, the check mark circle remains gray instead of turning green. When I press the blue Run button, A warning comes up that says, “Test Runner failed.”

The CodeRoad screen did reset, but my postgres database and mario_database remain.

I don’t mind losing my place and starting over as long as I can complete the exercise. I was around 50% done.

My next idea is to delete the /home/codeally/project/learn-relational-databases-by-building-a-mario-database folder itself and try to restart the tutorial from scratch.

If I could figure out how to give myself another repository to work in I would.

Before I do that though, I’m going to read the json and yaml files in the learnmariodatabase folder mentioned above to see if there is some flag that isn’t set.

If all of that fails, I guess I can just skip the mario database lesson and continue on with the other Relational Database projects until someone who can help me replies.

HI @jetimms !

Welcome to the forum!

I haven’t tried the beta version in the browser so I won’t be much help with the technical issues you are experiencing.

But have you tried reading through this troubleshoot guide?

There are also a lot of replies in that thread so maybe one of the other users in that thread has a similar issue to yours and a possible solution.

I’ll give it a shot. Thank you!

Were you able to find a way to get passed this step @jetimms?

Yas, thank you very much! I started over but the link jwilkins.oboe gave me helped.

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