Cannot pass the last test: Problem 7: 10001st prime

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I dont know why the last test cannot pass but other 4 tests can pass.
Help please.

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function nthPrime(number) {
  // Good luck!

  var prime = [2];
  var i = 3;
  var count = 1;
  while(count != number){
  if(prime.every(item=>i%item != 0)){

  return prime[prime.length-1];


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your code gives the correct output but the test is timing out before it finishes - there’s a built in loop protecting that stops the tests if its taking too long - the only way around it at the moment is to make your code more efficient - this post explains it a little Free Code Camp Infinite Loop Protection, but the workaround suggestion they give doesn’t work with the new site at the moment