(consistent error) Learn Accessibility by Building a Quiz - Step 56

I am continuously getting the hint to right align my text…I even tried on a different browser and followed video guides yet NOTHING has worked T__T
Would someone people take a look and give a second opinion what code I should use instead?

" You should give the label element a text-align of right ."

My code:

.info input, .info label {
display: inline-block;
text-align: right;

Full code

please see this post:

To which video guides are referring?


Here is the link : New 2022 | FreeCodeCamp: Learn Accessibility by Building a Quiz - YouTube

Thank you! Adding a duplicate text-align: right to .info label, worked!
You’re awesome :smiley:

apparently it is a bug. Normally what you did would have worked to move the labels to the right without affecting the inputs.

let me know if you understand why… or not. (you should make sure to understand)

I understood it before receiving the error, but I started doubting myself when I had to congruously reset and add the same code haha

That video was made in January 2022. I noticed there were changes to the test for that hint made 8 months ago, so that is why the code in the video passes the tests but does not now.

That’s good to know! Thank you both for taking your time to explain :smiley:

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