Excercise Tracker-Can't complete this challenge

I passed all test case of this challenge, but FreeCodeCamp doesn’t confirm that I passed the challenge

Which part are you not seeing confirmation that you are done?
(Have you followed all the instructions and checked the troubleshooting section in the pinned post inside this sub forum?)

After i passes all testcase, the tick at “Exercise Tracker” still don’t change

Have you tried all the steps in the troubleshooting mentioned in the pinned post?

I’m learning Back End Development and APIs course, so do i need follow by above steps

No you should follow the instructions given in the project.

I see this:

When you are done, make sure a working demo of your project is hosted somewhere public. Then submit the URL to it in the Solution Link field. Optionally, also submit a link to your project’s source code in the GitHub Link field.

Did you do this?

yes, i did but nothing appear

What URL did you try?


This does not seem like a valid “public” URL?

thank you, this is my fault, i will try with Replit

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