Getting Hired with Brain Injury

Hi everyone,

I am a CS student presently working for the government in Canada, and I received extra time on my interview to compensate for a brain injury I have that causes a slower processing speed and working memory in some environments, including interviews. I am able to perform well at my job with no issues, except with minor accommodations such as positioning in the office and extra rest breaks.
However, I am very worried about being able to find a job in the private sector, as I know that it is very possible to be discriminated against when asking for such accommodations during an interview. Has anyone been through this type of situation?

Hey there!

I totally understand your concerns.

Most jobs are filled with people from company/personal networks.
Therefore you should show your performance in public.

I wouldn’t go the normal job search route with your background,
because I think some recruiter/interviewers don’t want to take this “risk”.

Good luck!

Exactly as said by Miku, you can only overpass this by showing them that your difficulties don’t over pass your productivity

I haven’t seen very many people on the freeCodeCamp forums talking about their experience or expertise regarding job hunting with disabilities. Here are the past topics that I found:

While many of us here can talk about technical interviews and hiring processes in general, I would take most of our comments regarding your specific situation with a more than a grain of salt.

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