How to hide API keys and ID's?

Awesome, good to know. So if I need to use path A to connect to mongoDB from machine A (Goorm/dev), and path B to connect to mongoDB from machine B (Heroku/production), how would Heroku know path B (it’s not a property of the machine).
mongodb://localhost:27017/myDBName // the path to use on Goorm

mongodb+srv://’ // the path to use on Heroku`

Happy to chat offline if I’m simply not getting something here. I appreciate your time in helping me through this.

You set variables for Heroku in dashboard

Yes indeed. Which brings us around in a big circle to my original question (smile):
"But on the Goorm side, I can’t see a way to store this variable. "

goorm container will have this value from .env. Each time you run your app from goorm container you have to load variables with dotenv package (if you’re using Node) so that they are accessible via process.env, simply having .env file doesn’t automatically sets variables