I cant seem to see the setup information in my initial code?

Check this post that some of us responded to yesterday about the same exercise. I think you will benefit from reading some of our responses on there.

Oh no! It looks like you are the author of that post! Try not to make duplicate posts on the forum for the same issue, that way it is easy for future users to find help if experiencing the same trouble.

ah sorry sorry I forgot to take that post down

uhhh how do I take it down again?

It is great to leave posts up for future users to find, I wouldn’t recommend taking it down. Just try to continue the thread until you get to where you can solve it and then future users can learn from the thread.

Just future reference, don’t sweat over it.

The important thing is that you get the help with the exercise that you seek =)

thanks a lot. I managed to solve the task, turns out I made a silly mistake with the signs. all I had to do was put an = sign next to the checkObj instead of the ; and replace the = sign in the strings with a :


Awesome, happy that you were able to figure it out =)

I am rereading what you wrote though, I sort of glanced at it while I was at work earlier and just accepted it, but how in the world did that fix your code to pass?

I can see how it would fix the error with var checkObj, but you still have a function inside of a function that does not get called.

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